December 3, 2011

Good morning Burnfans!

I’m committed to making As Burndog Turns a seven day a week adventure (well…more like six fucking days a week), so here I am.  It’s Saturday morning…and I’m gonna give you fucktards a little bit of bloggage!  Hooray for me!

So…the plan for Saturday blogs is that I’m going to re-print a blog from the past.  Yeah…that’s right.  Saturday is gonna be Burndog Classics (tm).  So…climb aboard as we hop into the way back machine and visit one of my old blogs ROK Steady…a blog that lasted a grand total of seven posts…a blog where I tried to write without swearing….but found that so cuntingly difficult…that I just gave up on it.  So….let’s go…

"An Australian newspaper has written a list of "The world’s sexiest cities" and Seoul has made the list.  Now…I love Seoul.  But I’m not sure I agree with the writer. Here’s what he wrote about Seoul….

Seoul, Korea You can find all the sex appeal you need on a subway in Seoul (just get on and look around you), but for a proper sample you need to experience the nightlife. For the pick of the expat scene (ie, drunk English teachers), head to the Itaewon area. If you’re keen on meeting Mr or Mrs Korean Right, then head directly to the studenty area of Hongdae, and get charming.”

O.K.  Now…if you recall a few days ago I posted a video of the subway.  Did that have “all the sex appeal you need”?  No.  No it didn’t.  The subway can be full of hot birds and super handsome young chaps…but it’s more likely to be full of ajummas and adjoshis reeking of soju and sweat, straining under the weight of the supplies store worth of mountaineering equipment that they’re carrying for their walk up the local hill. Here are some images that popped up when I searched for “Seoul Subway Sexy” on Google.


Sexy football?

Well…nice yellow dacks…but sexy?

Not sexy.

A more common sight.

Now…that’s one sexy drunk!

This is getting closer to sexy…F.T Island catching the subway on the new line (Line 9).

Well…we all ken what I’ve done there.  I’ve gone and looked for scummy photos.  Well..I have a little…but at the same time…these are the only photos that Google threw up…there weren’t ANY photos that showed any kind of ‘sex appeal’. Soooooo….I’ve ignored the main premise anyway.  He said that the subway is sexy…but Itaewon is even sexier….so let’s search for “Itaewon Sexy” and see what pops up (well…that sounds like a terrible pun).

Well…this is Lee Hyo-Ri in a photo shoot in Itaewon looking…sexy…but she’s not a regular and I’ve never seen anything like this in Itaewon…so it doesn’t really count does it?

The first photo that came up.  King Club.  The least sex appealy place on the planet.

Well…if funny and strange are things that you find sexually appealing…then this is for you!

Probably a chap.

No…I don’t think that Hooker Hill has any real sex appeal.

So….we’re left with the final option of looking for our future “Mr or Mrs Korean Right” in Hongdae.  Well…I’m gonna type that into Google and see what we get.

One of Roboseyo’s photos apparently (I think this is his profile pic on Tumblr?).  I love that this came up as one of the first photos with those search parameters!  He’s cute…but a little young for most of the lady Burnfans out there!

Well…it appears we’ve found Mr AND Mrs Right!

They always say that the perfect fella is where you least expect to find him!

Don’t get me wrong.  I do think that Seoul can be a sexy city.  But…you do have to be willing to look past a whole heap of very un-sexy stuff in order to get to it.  I love Korea…but I don’t think of Korea as an especially ‘sexy’ place, or Seoul as a ‘sexy’ city.  I also doubt that most Koreans want foreigners to think of Korea as sexy…but that’s just my guess. So…on that sexy note…I’ll leave you alone for a little while.  Have a lovely weekend!

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