December 5, 2011
New Public Transport Scandal Has Netizens Outraged…

Good Morning Burnfans!

How are you doing today?  You alright?  I’m good…not great…but good.  Anyways…enough of this sparkling banter…let’s get on with the show…and what a show it is!  Brace yourself gentle reader…because…Korean Netizens are outraged over an incident on public transport (a subway this time) over the weekend.  Just like with the Bustard incident…there’s a video…an old man…and a whole lot of ban-mal (low Korean). 

Here’s the background…a young woman is sitting in the seats reserved for older people…apparently an older woman said (before the video starts), “Oh, such a young woman sitting in the seats for the elderly”…and then the young woman said “fuckin asshole” or something similar (in English). First up…here’s the vid -

 It’s a little sidewaysey…but you get the general vibe. 

Now…here’s a rough translation of what was said -

Man 1- “You are so rude.”

Seated Woman- “Yep! I’m not gonna move at all!  Get some people if you can!  You don’t think about what you did.” 

M1- “What did I do wrong?”

SW- “Why are you using ban-mal?” (ban-mal is low Korean, and it’s odd that she calls him out for using ban-mal with her…because she is using ban-mal also)

M1- “You swore first. You thought that I wouldn’t understand your English swearing?”

SW-“Yeah? What did I say then? Tell me, you bitch.  My father is a lawyer!”

M1- “I’m not afraid of lawyers at all.”

SW- “Me either you bitch.” (not sure that bitch is the right word…but it’s the right feeling)

SW- (now talking to an older woman next to her) “A pregnant woman can sit here too.”

M1- ”I’m not saying that you sitting here is wrong, but the way that you talk to…”

SW- “Don’t point at me!”

M1- “Don’t swear! Young bitch!”

(an older woman says something…I can’t make out what)

SW- “Adjumma! Be quiet! It was you who first said that I shouldn’t sit here, in a bad way!”

M1- “This adjumma asked you to move your bag.”

SW- “No, the adjumma said a young woman is sitting here first!  Shut up!”

Adjumma - “Ajosshi.  Just leave her alone.  Ignore her.”

SW- “You should behave well first.” (this is said in banmal)

Second Man - “You shut up you bitch, just shut up!”

SW- “You shut up!”

M1- “This bitch! You thought that we all don’t understand English swearing?!”

SW- “Yep, I know that you don’t know!”

A- “Don’t talk to her, just ignore her.”

SW- “I don’t want to talk to you as well, you look like a monster!”

That’s where it ends.  It’s interesting…the general Netizen vibe is that the younger woman is a bitch, and an affront to general decent society.  The general Burndog view is a little less black and white on this one. 

Yes….the younger woman acted like an entitled fucktard.  Yes…she was classless and cunty.  However…if she is actually pregnant…then she’s entitled to sit in that seat, and the passive aggressive snipping of the older bird must have been pretty fucking annoying.  I mean…let’s say she catches the subway a lot…it’s probably not the first time some old dude has gotten all cunty about having to stand up while she sits in ‘their’ seats.

However…the old people do have a right to those seats…as much right as a pregnant woman.  If the bird isn’t pregnant…and I can’t tell from the video…then she’s a fucking arsehole…and EVEN IF SHE IS pregnant…she’s a bit of a fuckhead…she couldn’t just say, ‘sorry, but I’m pregnant, so I need the seat’?  There’s no need to be a cunt and say how your father is a lawyer (and isn’t it a proud day for him?), and even a fucktard like me knows that using colourful language doesn’t help when chatting it to the oldies!

It’s difficult to argue that the young bird had any right to be as fuckheaded as she was…and I reckon the old bloke was bang on when he said that she had sworn in English assuming that no fucker knew what she was saying.  That’s some lame shit right there.  However, I do get a bit pissy about the way ‘netizens’ get all fucking worked up about the ‘end of Korean society’ and ‘young people not showing respect anymore’ and all of that guff.  Does anyone think that people didn’t get involved in meaningless little spats over seats ten years ago?  Of course they fucking did!  The only difference is that no cunt was there filming shit.  Now…any time someone calls an old man a bitch…some other cunt is filming it and getting a hard on about putting it up on Naver.

Yeah…the bird was in the wrong…but let’s not pretend that this is anything more than a petty argument over seats on a subway.  It’s not a sad reflection, it’s not an indication of anything, and it’s certainly not business as usual.  The bottom line is that no cunt voted that bird in as ‘Young People’s Subway Representative’…just as no cunt voted that old dude as ‘Chief Old Person’s Behavioural Inspector’…so let’s not pretend that they represent the general behaviours or attitudes of those two groups.  Let’s not get all excited and try and put too much of our own meaning into what is, in essence, a moderately titillating, but essentially hollow rendition of the classic struggle between the seated classes and the standing proletariat.

Stroll on brother…

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